TV & Media Work

Tanya has expertise in supporting the wellbeing and emotional health of those working in performance related careers including TV, media, acting, music, theatre, publishing, production, elite athletics and sports men/woman competing at an international level. In addition to high achieving individuals and leaders who are working in professional service careers. 

Individual Psychotherapy

Over the past 14 years, Tanya has worked one-to-one with individuals looking for support and a better understanding of themselves, in a completely confidential, ethical and professional setting.

This includes individuals who wish to explore performance related issues, relationship challenges and career related pressure in their work as actors, singers, dancers and performers. We explore a broad range of thoughts and feelings (often underlying) such as insecurity, loss of confidence, low self-esteem, losses, family and relationship dynamics, stress relating to workload.

Tanya has supported the emotional health of high achieving sports men and women, often competing at an international level. Strong themes include the competitive nature of the work, the power of comparison and the negative inner critic. We work to combat all of the above though gaining a better understand of the repeating patterns and will sometimes use some mindfulness and meditation techniques, if appropriate.

With an understanding of the pressures that high-achievers can face, Tanya has been able to work successfully with many individuals who have been Oxbridge educated, or equivalent, and felt extreme pressure to maintain very high standards in every area of their life.

Consultancy and Training work

Tanya has worked as a trainer for over 20 years, running bespoke sessions for small teams, as well as presenting to a much larger audience of 200+.

Consultancy and training clients have included Studio Lambert, Netflix, All3Media, ITV, Screenskills, BBC and more.

In a world where many organisations are very proactively improving their understanding and provision of mental and emotional health, Tanya has enjoyed lots of rewarding assignments helping firms to do this. Starting with introducing the fundamentals of wellbeing and increasing understanding, through to equipping employees with practical skills to have different (and often difficult) kinds of conversations.

The main goal of most of these training sessions is for the delegates to consider their own balance, increase self-awareness, gain more confidence in talking about mental and emotional health, and meaningful ways to support others.

On Location

Tanya has experience of working in welfare and psych support on location. Monitoring, observing and assessing cast members in unscripted TV shows. Supporting eliminated cast with exit debriefs and follow up support.

Tanya welcomes enquiries for new projects. In the first instance please get in touch by emailing

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